How To Reach Ayodhya By Train, Bus, Air, Taxi Routes India & Abroad

Maharishi Valmiki International Airport in Ayodhya links major Indian cities, offering seamless travel with multiple terminals and airline services.

Ayodhya Airport connects to key cities like Delhi and Mumbai, providing easy ticket booking and local transport access.

Travelling to Ayodhya by train offers affordability, comfort, and the chance to explore new landscapes, enhancing the journey experience.

With Ayodhya Railway Station connecting all cities, exploring the cultural hub is convenient, especially with special trains for Ram Mandir visitors.

Bus service is the recommended and affordable option for short-distance travel to Ayodhya.

Various booking platforms like Red Bus, Make My Trip, and Goibibo offer convenient ticket booking for bus travel.

Prepaid taxi services at Ayodhya Station and Airport ensure transparent fares for travelers' convenience.

Negotiate a fair price with local taxis or auto-rickshaws before commencing your journey in Ayodhya.

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