Famous Food in Ayodhya Up Ram Mandir

Maurya Mishthan Bhandar's Signature Jalebi Delight: Unique Jalebi with Curd and Rabri, a must-try in Ayodhya's culinary scene. 

Desi Ghee Ka Fara: A Unique Rice Flour Delicacy: Rice flour stuffed with pulses, Ayodhya's distinctive culinary offering.

Cafe Bollyfood: Where Vegetarian Cuisine Meets Trendy Ambience: Family-friendly spot offering diverse vegetarian 

Legacy of Taste: Mahaveer Ki Tikiya's Aloo Tikki Tradition: Over 80 years of Aloo Tikki with matar, a historic Ayodhya delight.

Savoring Tradition: Matar Papdi Chaat (Khasta): Ayodhya's crispy Matar Papdi Chaat, a local favorite for generations.

Exploring Ayodhya's Culinary Heritage: Unveiling diverse flavors beyond historical Ayodhya, spotlighting its rich culinary traditions.

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